Brand news puts a brand in the limelight.

Products and services get more and more under pressure of competition. Furthermore they get exchangeable and the loyalty of the customers decreases. With our brand issues management we develop differentiated brand philosophies for the products and services. We create your individual and target-group aligned brand identity. Thereby the quintessence runs like a red thread through all strategies of communication - from media work to event organisation.



events – staging a brand on-the-spot

One of the best ways to set the scene for a brand is creating a memorable event.
Whether a press day, a party for employees or the opening of a flagship store: the staging of an event as a highlight for brands needs professional, target group orientated planning and implementation. Our knowledge and expertise in organizing and managing small and big events can help to make your brand come alive.



Jeans Fritz Jeanette Biedermann Event

fileadmin/user_upload/Home/kompetenzen/events/Jeans_Fritz_Case_Jeanette_Biedermann_Event.pdfRitter Sport Eröffnung der Bunten Schokowelt



Corporate reputation creates an image for the corporate brand.

In the course of changing markets the only constant is the change. Thereby the corporate brand as a reliable benchmark becomes more important. We identify themes, which are public issues as well as brand-related. On the basis of this platform we develop assumptions for an effective positioning of the brand in opinion-leading media. Most important is thereby the CEO, who gives the brand it's identity.



Crisis communications ensures scope of action in the case of a crisis.

The most important when handling a crisis is to know the possibilities of action of an enterprise in the state of exceptional circumstances and to know how to use them. That means to have a good command of the classical methods of crisis communication as well as keeping the privilege of interpretation. We support you in the control and handling of the course of the crisis.



Change communications procures corporate change processes.

No matter if there is an internal restructuring or fusion - the success of a change process depends largely upon the accompanying communication. Most change processes fail because executives and employees could not be mobilized.
We support you in the plausible communication of the change process and it's content as well as in the determination of a new corporate identity.




public:colours ensures the coherence of company publications.

The entire stakeholder spectrum is increasingly becoming the focus of company communication. In light of this, corporate publishing plays a crucial role. Company-owned media - such as staff newspapers, intranet or client magazines - form the ideal platform to convey target group-orientated messages and content. We develop and implement networked publication concepts for your internal and external media, both in terms of textual and graphic content.

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