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brand news puts a brand in the limelight

Products and services get more and more under pressure of competition. Furthermore they get exchangeable and the loyalty of the customers decreases. With our brand issues management we develop differentiated brand philosophies for the products and services. We create your individual and target-group aligned brand identity. Thereby the quintessence runs like a red thread through all strategies of communication - from media work to event organisation.

What's the difference?

Today, real brand differentiation is achieved through communication.


The range of products on offer is growing constantly, items are increasingly interchangeable, yet customer loyalty is decreasing. In this context, how can a brand develop differentiation potential? Nowadays, differentiation has all but become impossible through rational product benefits. Whilst products were previously able to distinguish themselves in light of renowned brand quality, the most effective differentiator today has proven to be consistent brand communication. And this means: differentiation is achieved almost exclusively through communication.

After all, only through the media presentation of differentiating brands can a product offer consumers orientation and identification once again with ‘its' brand, ‘its' brand philosophy and ‘its' brand community. This requires communication which can turn a well-developed product into a differentiating brand product. In order to achieve this, a brand philosophy needs to be identified within the brand and presented through media-friendly topics - and this is the task of modern brand communication. One aspect plays a pivotal role: the right form of brand issues management. After all, the topics need to combine the characteristics and values of the brand with consumer-relevant issues which have an informative and service-minded nature for the media. This reflection of issues pertaining to the brand, coupled with consumer issues that are interesting and relevant to the consumer's life, is the only way to create individual topic platforms through which the brand really can be differentiated and regain orientational influence.

Client example:
Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG